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New generation Superchargers

TWIN SCREW KOMPRESSORS are extremely efficient in both Volumetric and Adiabatic (or overall) Efficiency. The high thermodynamic performance is due to internal compression of the charge combined with very fine clearances rotor to rotor and casing to rotors.
The effect of the tight tolerances and internal compression means far less heat is generated in the intake charge.
Resulting in increased density and therefore weight of charge compared with less efficient types.
The almost flat torque curve is an ideal characteristic for day to day motoring, giving outstanding engine flexibility and overall performance.
These features enable an extremely efficient kompressor to be produced in a very compact package. In fact, the size of the kompressor unit is the reason a BMC Mini kit was initially thought feasible.


Within the extruded light alloy casing there are two intermeshing rotors.
The male and female rotors are helically cut and geared to run in sympathy without touching.
Because of the relative movement of the two rotors the inlet gas is squeezed into a smaller space as it travels along the device, creating the increase in pressure.
Because the rotors don't touch, the friction that plagues other superchargers is not present.
Friction causes heat, a heat buildup can and does undo work performed by the supercharger.
A hotter, thinner charge loses power and frictional loads mean that a higher level of engine power is required to drive the supercharger with a corresponding increase in fuel consumption.
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