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Sports Air Filters

Are you achieving the full potential of your present carburettors???

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Ultra Hi-Flow Sports Air Filter

utilizes the K&N 'Filtercharger™' element.

The ONLY competition element meeting dust efficiency levels demanded by engine manufacturers.

Hi-Flow with minimum restriction.

K&N's 'Filtercharger™' construction of grid woven cotton and bonded wire mesh straightens incoming air and reduces turbulence, allowing a more direct and higher volume of clean air into the carburettor.

Conventional element materials are permeated with millions of tiny irregular passages that screen dirt particles out of the air.

These passages eventually clog and become restrictive, resulting in significant loss of engine power and fuel economy.

K&N's 'Filtercharger™' is a one-time purchase and requires cleaning every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

K&N 'Filtercharger's™' filtering media exposes approximately five times greater surface area over the element circumference than that of other filters, enabling the filter to hold more dirt particles.
These particles, by virtue of air moving through the filter at low velocity (due to very little restriction), cling to the outside of the filter and become an integral part of 'Filtercharger's™' filtering media.

This build-up of dirt particles in oil creates more irregular passages that actually create additional filtering barrier with use.

Not until very fine particles close this secondary 'filter layer' does the 'Filtercharger™' begin to clog. Then, because it is made of re-useable materials, you can just clean it, apply fresh K&N Filter oil and reinstall.


Fitting Notes:
With mounting screws finger tight - centralise the inlet diameters of the filter base, gasket and carburettor throat - then tighten mounting screws.