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Supercharger Installations


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Standard Feature
Substantial power increase without use of high rpm.

Improvement of 30% is conservative, 50% is relatively easy with moderate boost.

120 - 130 bhp is achievable on 1300 cc. street engine - 150 - 160 bhp has been achieved on race engine and race fuel.

Massive torque increase - flat torque curve.

Super acceleration and overtaking potential.

Internal compression promotes smooth idle and quick response.

Self contained lubrication system.

No body modifications necessary.

No throttle lag, no immense turbo heat or annoying cool down times.
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Opcon Autorotor twin screw Supercharger

Slimline Aluminium alloy manifold

New HIF Type S.U. carburettor

Unique alloy Supercharger adaptor

Complete Hi-Flow air intake incorporating K & N Filter.

Latest Technology "serpentine" Multi-V belt drive system

New Alloy fan pulley

New Alternator pulley

New billet steel Crankshaft pulley and Harmonic balancer

Complete kit includes all necessary bolts, nuts, clamps etc.
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