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Ultra Heavy Duty extruded aluminium ROAD and RACE performance.

Part No. Description Type
BMC - Leyland
A Series - Mini, Spridget
BMC 850-1275cc

YT 6347
1.5 :1 Ratio, Adjustable
Includes Steel Pedestals & Shafts
Shaft/Pedestal Type[*][2]
B Series - MG A & MG B
BMC 1500-1800cc

YT 6302

1 .5 :1 Ratio, Adjustable, sub plate mount (2) Shaft/Pedestal Type [*][2]
B Series - MG A & MG B
BMC 1500-1800cc

YT 6302

1.6 :1 Ratio, Adjustable, sub plate mount(2) Shaft/Pedestal Type[*][2]
ROVER - Alloy V8    
YT 6000 1.6 :1 Ratio, Adjustable(3) Shaft Standard Type
YT 6305 1.6 :1 Ratio, Adjustable(3) Total Rocker System
[*] Denotes non standard rocker ratio. [EF] EASY FIT No head removal, machining, guide plates or studs required. [1] Suit non standard heavy duty screw in studs - heads require machining. Remove 5/16" from top of tallest rocker pads, machine entire pad to this height. Drill and tap 7/16" UNC , Use 3/8" stud YT1854 or 7/16" stud YT1856 with guide plates YT1867 and hardened pushrods. [2] Kit replaces standard arms, shafts and pedestals.

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